How ChatGPT Created Disruption in the Online World


If you are here, you must have heard about ChatGPT till now. This is a new evolution of Artificial intelligence that has become a new internet sensation. From Twitter and Instagram to corporate gurus and technology experts are talking about it. So it would help if you typed a word, and ChatGPT will give you conversational and detailed replies.

You can say it is like surfing on Google. However, it makes your research more accurate, targeted, and effective. But this AI chatbot or machine learning model has also caused a lot of disruption in the online world. So, if you want to know how this evolution of AI has brought tsunamis to the internet, then you have come to the right place. Today, we will discuss ChatGPT and how it has resulted in disruption.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained transformer. It is developing an advanced machine learning model that can provide answers through natural language generation. The model is even eligible for passing a turning test because of its high accuracy. During its development before 2022, ChatGPT went through tremendous practice of unlabeled data.

The model is under continuous observation to fine-tune its language interpretation and responses. Moreover, dedicated teams are appointed to add labelled databases to the model to enhance efficiency. So now you must be wondering what kind of tasks we can execute through ChatGPT. So the answer is that you can get answers to any question you want.

Further, if you want to complete a sentence, write half, and ChatGPT will tell you the rest. If you want to write fictional or non-fictional prompts, ChatGPT can do that too. Moreover, it can provide human-like chatbot answers along with generating computer codes. Similarly, it can work as a language translator and not to mention the utmost accuracy.

Similarly, if you want to execute calculations, ChatGPT is up for that too. For example, you want to analyze the text sentiment, summarize data, form a conversation, classify text, etc., which ChatGPT can do.

The best way to learn about the capabilities of ChatGPT is by trying it yourself. Frankly, anyone can use this wonder evolution as it is open source and free for users. So you can easily register and become eligible to use it.

The model launched its prototype to public users on Nov. 30th, 2022. However, don’t think that people are not using it just because now it has gotten all the publicity. Because do you know ChatGPT got 1 million+ users just in 5 days of its launch?

Who Built ChatGPT?

The company named OpenAI is behind this futuristic model. Sam Altman is the CEO of OpenAI, which was established in 2015. The company was started by no other than Elon Musk, known for its futuristic purview, along with Greg Brockman, IIya Sustkever, Sam Altman, and Wojciech Zaremba. However, later in February 2018, Musk left the board as he wanted to focus completely on Tesla. But as per the statement of OpenAI, Musk is still a company donor.

Sam Altman is a programmer who became an entrepreneur in the US. He was the president of Y Combinator, another technology startup accelerator. The same company is behind the success of Airbnb, Dropbox, etc.

How It Created Disruption?

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. Since the arrival of ChatGPT, the whole internet world has been disrupted. This evolution of AI technology has questioned several previous accomplishments. However, ChatGPT also comes with a few challenges.

Future Disruptions of ChatGPT

OpenAI has taken three main foundational bases for building ChatGPT. The first one is training AI systems by incorporating human feedback. Then, the second is training AI systems to help human evaluation, followed by the third is training AI systems for executing alignment research.

The first basis where AI technology development will be aligned with human feedback will have several implementations in every industry. Imagine the improvement of products or the advancement of quality for the customers. The customer intent and product or services will become more aligned. Product development will be benefitted from this approach.

Similarly, the second base will provide us with systems where humans or programmers can evaluate the other Artificial Intelligence systems more accurately. Again, this will eliminate the limitations of programmers in assessing the systems.

For instance, WebGPT can be a model used with the internet. Currently, ChatGPT only accesses the database till 2021 and has no connection to the internet. So a combination of both models in the future will enable the users to experience a much better result.   

The next disruption is making AI chatbots or agents which will engage in debate. Then, human judges will be able to determine the winners. This will gradually enable us to teach AI systems about better decision-making.

Limitations of the Current GPT model

The main and most noticeable limitation of the current ChatGPT model is the writing and programming perspective. The language models of ChatGPT have some issues with accuracy, biased texts, and toxicity on different levels. The style of ChatGPT is designed to be authoritative and confident. However, at some point, this can also mean ignorance of the facts. Therefore, the logical reasoning and sentimental aspect of ChatGPT still need improvement. However, ChatGPT has surely taken a big leap from its previous version of OpenAI, InstructorGPT.

Bottom Line

ChatGPT has become a major step up in the world of Artificial intelligence. The evolution of technology has been awarded a new gem of ChatGPT. It has several implications in diverse fields in the future. Not only will it help in building new solutions, but it will also provide a large scope of improvement for the existing AI tools. The applications of ChatGPT have a huge potential to improve the current scenario of the online world. However, there are still some lacking points that must be improved. But all the believers of AI are in support of ChatGPT and its immense potential.